I'm Hannah.

I like to look at the world carefully; capturing the unseen moments, the subtle glances and shared smiles when people think no ones looking. 

Wedding photography for me is more than just snapping a few staged poses. It's about documenting a day as it unfolds, from the early morning preparation right through until the end. I like to catch the most natural moments, the small details and the precious interactions between people.

I'm happiest behind the camera, so I understand when people don't like having their photo taken. I make it my mission to help people feel comfortable and to blend in so no one even notices I'm there!


Full day wedding photography includes:

10+ hours of photography (from early morning preparation right through until the evening is in full swing) 

A consultation meeting in person or over Skype to discuss your plans for the day (I like to hear all the details to make sure I get them on camera whether that's the apple pie that your Grandma's making or the flowers that your Mum's next door neighbour grew for the bouquets) 

500+ finished photographs, edited in my style and ready to print

Travel around the UK


For weddings beyond the UK, engagement/portrait shoots, or additional days get in touch for a bespoke price.